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Austrian Tyrol & The Bavarian Alps

Austrian Tyrol & The Bavarian Alps


We haven't scheduled any dates yet. But don't worry, if you sign up, we'll keep you updated on when this tour will be happening.


Kufstein, Innsbruck, Fussen,  Zugspitze Mountain,

Neuschwanstein Castle, Eagle's nest, Lake Konigsee,

Hallstatt, Garmisch-Paterkirchen.......

Although time will be put aside to visit the sweet village of Berchtesgaden, the main attraction is by far the Salt Mines.
Let go of all thoughts, get on the fit for purpose train and allow the adventure to start.
This is an experience which you will talk about when you return home so make sure you do not miss out on it.
To continue to give credit to today’s journey, you will be taken to Lake Konigsee, without doubt the most beautiful lake in Germany and most representative of a Norwegian Fjord.
Rent out a boat so you will exploit the time available at this wonderful scenery.

Another day, another journey to the picturesque village of Hallstatt.  Visit the Church of Santa Maria and have the possibility of visiting yet another Salt Mine, this time the world oldest one.
Pay a nominal fee to visit the Beinhaus, a bone house, in St.
Michael’s Chapel.

Take pictures of Muhlbach Castle with a green background of trees and make sure to spare time for a lovely cruise on the lake.

Become part of a fairytale at Neuschwanstein Castle and forget all your worries.  Walk to  Marian Bridge if it is open to the public and take the best shots ever.
Proceed to the little village of Oberammergau, renouned for its woodcarvers and their majectic products.
Be facinated by the different frescoes depicted German fairytales and bible stories on the facades of houses and feel you are walking in a totally different world.

Travel on to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a German skiing resort.  Be adventurous and visit   Zugspitze Mountain.
Reach the top and admire the skiers while sipping a delicious hot chocolate and snack on traditional sweets if you don’t feel like having a full lunch.
Relax around Lake Eibsee and again don’t forget to take photos which will look like postcards.

Make a stop in Munich, one of the most prosperous and fastest growing cities in Germany, Synchronise your watch with Munich’s Glockenspiel in Marianplatz and be overwhelmed by the architecture of both the old and new Town Halls.
Finish off your shopping at the city’s best shopping area in Neuhausen Strassen and Kaufinger Strassen before your start your trip back home.


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