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Amsterdam & the Tulip Festival

Amsterdam & the Tulip Festival



Durations-422 Days

Visiting :


Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, Kinderdijk, Volendam,  Efteling Thmem Park, Keukenhof Gardens Tulips Festival


Holland, the country which gives prominence to flowers, in particular tulips, will fascinate you.
Landing  early enough, kick off to the first excursion to discover the city of   Amsterdam.  The list of interesting places to visit is exhaustive and includes the Royal Palace, National Monument, Dam Square, Rembrandt Square, Albert Auyp Marke, Skinny Bridge and Anne Frank’s House.
Nonetheless, due importance will also be given to the port and the canals which surround the city.
During the trip, you will have another opportunity to spend more time roaming around the city or visiting Museums which are to your liking.


Exploring the villages of Marken, Volendam and Zaanse Schans will give you a great insight of the typical Netherland’s countryside.
The latter, strategically located on the River Zaan is popular for the wooden houses, the windmills, traditional cheese processing and the typical clogs.


Tulips, clogs, cheese and windmills are synonymous with the Netherlands.
The latter merits more of your attention and therefore you will be taken to Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage site,  where windmills dominate the whole area.
Not very far off, discover by coach and on foot, the city of Rotterdam.
Enjoy the pedestrian zone, where you can feast on a delicous lunch or simply dash to the shops.


Next planned for you is the most exciting and adventurous day of the trip.
You will be transported to Efteling Theme Park where you can let go of everyday’s hassles, become young again and enjoy the rides and the well planned shows.






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