Splendid Switzerland

02 August 2024 - 09 August 2024




Visiting :


Lausanne, Gruyere, Vevey, Montreux,

Interlaken, Thun, Lucerne, Bern,  Murten

Geneve, Gstaad.....



Once you set foot in this splendid country in Geneve, you will be transferred to the city of Lausanne, situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, to settle down in the comfortable Hotel Agora 4 star.


Be entranced by the architectural and natural beauty presented by the city of Thun, situated in the Canton of Bern. A leisurely stroll in the Old Town will help you discover the City Hall, the Castle, Stadt Kirche and the Wooden Bridge. Admire the spectacular scenery at Lake Thun, the Alpine Lake created after the last glacial period.  This will set the mood for more magnificent views, this time, at the town of Interlaken. A picture tells a thousand words and here many words will be told as the surroundings lend themselves to a full albumn. Scenery is both amazing and calming as you look up to Jungfrau and Eiger Mountains.


Time to familiarise yourself with  the city you are lodging in. Enjoy the beautiful Place De La Palud, opposite which you come across the Fountain of Justice, depicting Lady Justice clutching a balance scales.  At the same spot, take a picture of the Town Hall, locally referred to as the Hotel De Ville.   Go up the  Escaliers du March, existing since the 13th century, to visit the Cathedral. Grab the opportunity to visit  different districts of Lausanne, mainly Flon and Ouchy, both having superb characterictics for your admiration.


A must visit  is without doubt the bright city of Bern, the capital of splendid Switzerland. Here to unveil and enjoy what this capital has to offer. The Garden of Roses, apart from being elegant and impressive, presents the most gorgeous view of the Old City.  Be enterained at the Bear Park while remembering that the city got its name from this animal.   Be amazed by the astrological clock and the architecture of the Town Hall. Anticipate the marvellous view from the terraces of the Federal Parliament. There is still more to look forward to before you call it a day so leave time for the Public Square and the Gothic Cathedral. Who haven’t heard of Einstein?  Feel fortunate that time will be put aside to have a good look at the house he lived in.


The next excursion is a kaleidoscope of gorgeous nature. Château de Chillon presents the most magnificent architecture of all times no other castle in the middle of a lake can offer. Montreux, Vevey and Gruyères are three towns around Lake Geneva presenting an array of beautiful scenery. Don’t miss out on two great opportunities, the first to visit a cheese factory and the second a chocolate factory. Can one ask for more?


 The next excursion is distinct from the rest, yet it still offers the same satisfactory fullfillment of a day well spent.  The journey to Gastaad will give you the opportunity to enjoy a cable car ride which is minutes away from the white blanket of snow and ample opportunities of adventures to choose from such as the alpine coaster, the dog sled, the snow bus ride, the peak walk by Tissot and the Ice express chair lift fun park. In a nutshell, a day to look forward to and a day to remember.


Your final memories in Switzerland will be made in Geneve, the city known as either the ‘smallest of big cities’ or the ‘city of peace’. Spend time getting acquainted with the United Nations Headquarters, WHO and the Red Cross. Take a leisurely stroll along Lake Geneva and marvel at the Jet d’Eau Fountain, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Relax in the English Garden and be impressed when viewing the biggest clock in the world, made from flowers.  




Hotel in the City Centre

Bern &  Lausanne



Price Includes :


* Air Malta Flights

  Malta - Geneva - Malta

* Hotel Kreuz - Bern

* Hotel Agora- Lausanne

* Buffet Breakfast

* Transfers

* All Excursions

* Airport Tax

* City Tax

* Tour Leader



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