Valle D'Aosta

05 October 2024 - 12 October 2024


Italy - Switzerland - France




Aosta, Torino, Bard, San Vincent, Gran Paradiso, Cogne,

Lilaz, Chamonix, Courmayeur, Annecy, Geneve.....





Pack your bags as it is time to travel to the mountainous region of Valle D’Aosta in northwestern Italy. Cross the border to Switzerland and spend a day in Geneve, the city known as either the ‘smallest of big cities’ or the ‘city of peace’. Spend time getting acquainted with the United Nations headquarters, WHO and the Red Cross. Take a leisurely stroll along Lake Geneva and marvel at the Jet d’Eau Fountain, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Relax in the English Garden and be impressed when viewing the world’s biggest clock in the world, made from flowers. Put your hands in your pockets as time will be spared for shopping.


A day well spent at the town of Aosta, also known as ‘Rome of the Alps’, beginning at the beautiful rectangular main square named after the martyr Emile Chanoux, slain during the second world war by the Nazi-Fascists.  Walk through the well preserved Porta Pretoria and take a photo with each arch.  Walk further on to the Arch of Augustus, erected in 25BC to commemorate the Roman victory over the Salassi. Visit the Medieval Sant’ Orso Complex and the Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. Before proceeding, spend time finding bargains at the local market.  Next on the list is Breuil-Cervinia, a valley surrounded by high mountains where one can spot marvellous glaziers. Be amazed by yet another valley, that of San Vincent, mostly popular for the Casino della Valle.


Crossing the border again, this time to France, to the picturesque town of Annecy, often nicknamed as the ‘Pearl of French Alps’. A town full of canals and its turquoise lake surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. Take a look at the unique Palais de’lle, sitting on a triangular islet surrounded by the Canal du Thiou, and figure out how this gem was once a lordly residence, a courthouse and even a prison. Pay a visit to St. Pierre’s Cathedral and St. Francis Church, two impressive buildings with white facades. Stop over the Chateau d’Annecy, a castle bought, restored and transformed into a museum by the town. And finally pick a choice between a stroll by the lake which may or maynot include a cruise or simply indulge in shopping.


Be close to nature at the Gran Paradiso Park, a park which provides a paradise of forests, rivers and waterfalls.  Be amazed by more waterfalls which over time have carved deep gorges between the cliffs in the village of Lillaz and Cogne.  From nature back to city life where you visit the rich city of Torin. Roam around in the Baroque style Piazza San Carlo and stop for a coffee at Piazza Castello.  Do not miss out on the most impressive street in Torin, that of Via Roma. Be impressed by the huge, historical buildings of the Royal Palace, Pallazzo Madama and Palazzo Carignano. Get close to the Mole Antonelliana, an architectural landmark of Turin. Visit the Cathedral and reignite your faith when you come face to face with the Shroud, the linen cloth bearing the image of Jesus of Nazareth, at the Cathedral.


Spend a day at the awesome Chamonix and Courmayeur, where Mount Blanc highlights their beauty. Be adventureous and join us on Mount Aguille de Midi.  Stop for a coffee at the historic outlet of Caffe’ della Posta.  Get to know how the alcoholic beverage based on grapes and brandy is manufactured at the Grappa Factory. Take advanatage of the opportunity to buy a bottle of this fine alcoholic beverage. Go back to the 19th century at Fort Bard, a fortress built above the town. Decide to further your experience by gaining excess to the inside, better known at the Museum of the Alps



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