Grand Tour of Poland

21 July 2019 - 31 July 2019




Gdansk, Lodz, Sopot, Gydnia, Warsaw,

Czestechova, Krakow, Zakopand, Auschwitz...





Right after landing, no time is wasted, you will be taken on a city tour to discover the marvellous city of Gdansk.  The highlights of the city will all be covered starting from the Town Hall and moving on to St Mary’s Church, Amber Museum, Neptune Fountain, Long Street, Mariacka Street and Oliwa Cathedral. The city has more to offer so your city tour does not end here. You will be able to enjoy the Old Town, Solidarity Square, Golden Gate, Prison Tower and Neptune Fountain.


Another day, another city and another local guide to investigate the city of Sopot, a seaside resort city. There will be ample opportunities to take a stroll on the Promenade and the long Pier and view the Old Lighthouse. Later in the day, you will travel to Gydnia, a very busy seaport developed from a small fishing village. Explore Gydnia further by moving on to the Museum of the city of Gdynia and Kosciuszki Square until you reach the Waterfront. Be amazed by the ORP Blyskawica, the destroyer which served Poland very well during World War II.


If you are a fan of castles, it is a must that you join us to visit the medieval  Malbork Castle, renouned for being the biggest brick castle in the world at the time it was completed. This imposing castle, which is on the list of World Heritage Sites, incorporates three sections, better referred to as the High, Middle and Lower Castles.


Put on your seatbelts as it is now time to travel to the capital of Poland, Warsaw, the biggest city of this country and the city of Chopin on the river Vistula. Your local guide will walk you through the Royal Route which leads to the Old Town.Take your camera out as you would want to take home memories of the impressive buildings of St. John’s Archcathedral, the Royal Castle, Lazienki Królewskie Museum and Palace. After enjoying the park at the Lazienki Królewskie, we move on to another park at the Wilanów Palace.


Encounter the German, Jewish and Russian cultures in the city of Lodz, located in the heart of Poland. Wonder at the beautiful Poznanski  Palace, housing the Music Academy. Feel free to walk along or hire a rickshaw to explore the pedastrian zone where you will come across clubs, restaurants and bars, all venues for relaxation and entertainment.


On the way to  Krakow, stop over at Czestechowa, well renouned for Marian Pilgrimages to pray to the Black Madonna at the Jansa Gora Santuary where we will also visit the Monastery and the Baroque Church. In Krakaw, you will have another city tour where you will visit the Old Town, the Royal Road and Wawel Castle, represtenting three architectures styles – medieval, renaissance and baroque.  Meet Jewish culture at Kazinierz, an old Jewish Quarter. Of great interest will be the visit to Sukiennice, the Cloth Hall of Krakow. One cannot complete the city tour before visiting the Basilica of St. Mary and marvel at the intricate masterpiece of Veit Stoss Altarpiece.


Put your mountain clothes on as you will travel to the Tatra Mountains and visit the skiing resort of Zakopane. Walk freely amongst other tourists in the main street of Krupowki and move out of the way from the horse driven carriages. Sip a coffee before you hop on the cable car which will take you to the top of the mountain to see a bird’s eye view of the city.


Although your journey’s joyful atmosphere will be dampened when visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau, this may be the most impressive part of the whole trip and for sure not one to be left out. The fear for death by the millions of victims of the Holocoust  can be felt when you come close to the Death Wall, the national memorials,  the railway track and the barracks. All in all, one can say that this will be an experience that you will never erase from your memory, thus showing respect to all sufferers.


Enjoy your last adventure along the winding saline corridors of Wieliczka Salt Mine.  Be appalled by the massiveness of this underground Salt Cathedral and appreciate the saline sculptures and small chapels. Be grateful that you had the opportunity to spend time in the most spectacular mine in the whole world before you start your trip back home.



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* Flights by Ryanair

  Malta - Gdansk  /

  Krakow - Malta

  20 Kg Luggage

  Hand Luggaue 

  Reserved seats

* Hotels 4 Star

* Buffet Breakfast

* Half Board

* Transfers

* All Excursions

* Entrance fees

* Airport Tax

* City Tax

* Tour Leader


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